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January 12th, 2024

Dear Patients,

     We are grateful to announce that, thanks to your incredible advocacy, we have signed a long-term contract with MVP!  This fair and sustainable contract allows our team to continue providing top notch Dermatology care to our patients with MVP and Cigna insurance.

     We cannot thank you enough for your support and look forward to seeing you and your family members at your upcoming appointments.

     Cheers to a bright 2024 from our family to yours!

Warmly and with deepest gratitude,
Dermatology Associates of Ithaca

December 18th, 2023

Dear Patients,

As you may know, MVP is scheduled to exclude us as a participating in-network provider soon (12/31/23). This means your out of pocket expense will increase.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to MVP with emails but as yet they have been to no avail. The deadline for the change to out of network is fast approaching and we would like to ask for one more push!

Please consider emailing a letter (easy-to-use template below) that we remain an in network provider in order to have continued access to and choice of treatment.

The deadline of 12/31/2023 is fast approaching.  

If our remaining in the MVP network is important to you, here is what you can do: please call or email CEO Christopher Del Vecchio (main phone 518-370-0852 and ask for CEO Christopher Del Vecchio's office, email [email protected]) and send the easy-to-use email template below.

Warmly and with thanks,
Dermatology Associates of Ithaca



Please feel free to customize and add a personal story for added impact!

Please address email to the below and please also Cc your Human Resources Department:
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected][email protected][email protected]


Email Template to MVP:

Dear Mr. Del Vecchio,

As a patient of DAI, I am writing to strongly encourage you to retain Dermatology Associates of Ithaca in the MVP provider network.  As your customer I expect choice, access to and continuity of care.  Due to Ithaca's geographic isolation, removing this independent provider will limit my ability to receive dermatology care.

I am asking that MVP renew its contract at its current rates with Dermatology Associates of Ithaca so that I can continue to have access to high quality care and a choice of providers.

Thank you,

First and Last Name [must match name on insurance card]:

MVP Member ID Number:



Helpful Points to Make when Calling Mr. Del Vecchio's office
- The providers at Dermatology Associates of Ithaca are the only full-time Dermatology providers in Ithaca, and the only Dermatology providers in Cortland
- There are no other Dermatology providers able to take over the care of the thousands of patients happily under the care of the five top notch full time providers at Dermatology Associates of Ithaca
- Skin conditions require long-term management, and losing access to Dermatology care would mean worsening of skin disease and endangering the health of thousands of patients
- Urgent skin problems require immediate attention to prevent them from worsening, and Dermatology Associates of Ithaca provides urgent appointments and teledermatology access when patients need it.
- It saves MVP thousands of dollars per Emergency Room / Urgent Care visit avoided, and skin cancers are least expensive to treat when caught early!

September 18th, 2023

Dear Patients,

     We greatly value you and your families and are proud to provide dermatological care to all of you who have become like a family to all of us.  We would like to take this opportunity to inform those with MVP insurance that you may receive a notification from MVP stating that, effective December 31, 2023, Dermatology Associates of Ithaca will no longer be part of its provider network.  It is important to note that MVP's decision is a result of many factors completely outside of our control.  At the present time, we are doing everything in our power to maintain our status with MVP; however, they have not responded to our outreach.

     We will continue to do our best to negotiate in good faith with MVP and will keep you updated on the situation.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this situation, please feel free to contact MVP at [email protected] at or your Human Resources department.

     For now, our practice remains in network with MVP.  As this is an unprecedented situation, our team will be available to answer any questions that arise and to help and support our patients through the process.  As always, we look forward to providing you and all of our patients with our very best care.

Sincerely yours,
Josephine C. McAllister, MD FAAD

1.  Why is Dermatology Associates of Ithaca renegotiating its insurance contracts?
     In December 2022, our practice was unilaterally and suddenly terminated from Cayuga Health Partners—a previously collaborative association between local physicians and Cayuga Medical Center.  In our view, the termination was the culmination of over a decade of pressure from Cayuga Medical Center and its representatives that we refer certain pathology services to providers in the association rather than those that we feel, in our professional opinion, provide the best care.
2.  Why has MVP not offered Dermatology Associates of Ithaca a signable contract?
     MVP, along with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, has decided to take advantage of this situation to demand a significant rate cut to add to their own profits.  Our team members have been here for our patients through the pandemic and do not deserve a major pay cut while providing the same high quality care.

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