Dermatology Associates of Ithaca works closely with the board-certified dermatopathologists (physicians who have received sub-specialized training in the microscopic diagnosis of skin disease) at Inform Diagnostics .

Their state-of-the-art laboratories boast world-class dermatopathologists, unsurpassed service, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that physicians and patients have access to the most informative and relevant dermatologic testing information available.

Inform Diagnostics' expert dermatopathologists carefully scrutinize every biopsy under the microscope to render an accurate diagnosis for each patient. A commitment to ongoing learning is manifested through daily slide-review conferences, monthly conferences, journal review conferences, focused quality assessments and continuous review of the company’s diagnostic terminology and criteria.

For more information on our choice of Inform Diagnostics as our dermatopathology practice partner, please read our handout on “ The Importance of Quality and Collaboration in Dermatopathology .”

Why do we choose Inform Diagnostics ?

No matter how good your dermatologist is, we are only as good as our dermatopathologists. We choose to work with Inform Diagnostics because it is one of country’s top dermatopathology groups, where a collaborative approach allows dermatopathologists to discuss both unique and challenging cases to continually advance their knowledge as well as receive second opinions among colleagues to ensure an accurate diagnosis. As dermatologists, we judge skin lesions to be suspicious based on their appearance but the diagnosis still needs to be confirmed under the microscope. Reading skin biopsies under the microscope is tricky—sometimes a single cell will make all the difference in the diagnosis—and thus it is safest to have your biopsy sent to the best dermatopathologists possible. Not only have the dermatopathologists at Inform Diagnostics completed an additional year of specialty fellowship training specifically in diagnosing skin conditions under the microscope, many of them have trained at elite institutions as well as obtained additional subspecialty fellowship training. Their elite training and expertise are made available to our patients at no extra cost. At Dermatology Associates of Ithaca, we pride ourselves on bringing the best to our patients—a goal made possible by our team at Inform Diagnostics .

Clinicians Should Retain the Ability to Choose a Pathologist by Dr. Dirk Elston

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